Help! What Do I Bring To My Headshot Session

You’ve done the research, you’ve chosen your headshot photographer and you’ve made the appointment. It’s tomorrow! Now what?

Help! What do I bring with me?

Don’t worry…we've got you covered.

Your Outfits

  • While this seems obvious, when your running out the door to start your busy day and session is that afternoon sometimes we can forget the most important thing. Make sure the outfits you’ve chosen are packed, ready to go and easily accesible.

  • Bring several outfits with a neutral color scheme. Bring more than you think you’ll need. Your photographer will want options. There is no harm in photographing many outfits to see what looks the best.

  • For Ladies that means extra tops and for men that may mean extra jackets. Bring an array of colors that compliment your skin tone.

Make Up and Jewelry

  • Ladies, bring your make up bag. Even if you have opted to use a professional make up artist (recommended) it is great to have your own make up on hand for them to use. That way, they use your regular colors and it’s handy for touch ups after the make up artist leaves.

  • Please bring jewelry choices to wear with different outfits. Some jewelry photographs better than others. It’s important to have options, just in case! And it’s easy to switch up a look just by changing the accessories.

Hair and Grooming Products

  • Hairspray is a must for both men a women. It helps keep hair in place and flyaway hairs down.

  • Men, if you have a beard photographer Matthew Hamilton recommends bringing any grooming products you use on it with you. Also, if you decided to shave during your session (another great way to switch up looks) a razor and shaving cream should come with you. And aftershave to calm any redness you may have after shaving.