A Headshot is Worth 1000 Words

A picture is worth 1000 words, right? So is your headshot! And what exactly should that headshot say about you? Your professional headshot, whether is for business, acting, or even social media or dating site profiles, is your first impression to whomever is on the receiving end. You get one chance to convey everything you want to say. This is important to keep in mind when getting professional headshot and choosing your photographer. Here are a few things you want your headshot to say:


You definitely want your headshot to convey confidence! You want that potential employer to believe in your utmost ability to perform the job, no matter what it is. You are THE person for that job. A strong and confident headshot will get you that interview or audition. And if your headshot is for a social media or dating site profile, what is sexier than confidence? Now, how to achieve this: I understand how intimidating it can be to be in front of a camera and it is important that whoever you choose as your photographer takes this into consideration. It's important that you trust your photographer. According to San Francisco based photogapher Karaminer Ghumn “When you have confidence in your photographer, that confidence will come through in your headshot”.


Your headshot should be authentically you. What does that mean? It means it should be a true representation of who you are and what you look like, although you want it to be the BEST version of who you are and what you look like. How is this achieved? Through posing and expression. You want a photographer who understands how to pose all ages and body types and takes your goals with your headshot into conderation. Expression is also important! The difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is one that knows how to illicit genuine expressions from their subjects. There is nothing more authentic than a genuine smile!


You make think this is same as confidence, but it isn't. Confidence is your beleif in your abilities, self-esteem is belief in yourself. But how does this come through in a headshot? A few ways. If you are well groomed, that says you care about your self. Making sure your hair is done, your make up looks good (a make up artist can be hired for those that need help in this area) and your clothes fit and are pressed and clean speaks volumes. Also, most people are not comfortable in front of a camera and that is especially true for someone struggling with low self-esteem. A great photographer will assess their clients needs in this area and guide them to make them feel at ease, building their self-esteem.