What To Wear For Your Headshot Session

Choosing what to wear for your headshot session can be a daunting task. Here are some guidelines to help you look your best!

  1. Choose Clothes You Like! Never underestimate the power of feeling good! First and foremost, choose something you liek to wear and feel comfortable in. When you are wearing clothes you like you will feel like a million bucks. When you feel like a million bucks, you will look like a million bucks! According to headshot photographer Charlie Abrahams, when you are wearing something you feel good in you feel confident and that confidence will come through in your photos.

  2. Choose Neutral Colors It’s best to choose neutral colors for your photos session. Stay away from large patterns and really bold colors. That’s not say that you have to stick to beige, black or gray. Neutrals can really be anything from shades of red to shades of blue and a lot in between. If going with strong colors stick with muted tones. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone. If you are on the paler side, stay away from really dark colors like black or navy. Soft blues, red/pink tones or even lavendar works well against pale skin. Darker skin tones can carry darker colors better.

  3. Choose Well Fitting Clothes It is important to choose clothes that flatter you. Form fitting clothing is flattering on most body types. Loose fitting clothing does not photograph well.

  4. Bring Options! Last, but not least, bring plenty of options to your session! It’s always good to have too many choices than too few. Your photographer will be able to go through them with you and help you choose the best look.